The Stoeckle Center

MGH Primary Care Community Showcase

Slideshow from the Showcase

View pictures from the MGH Primary Care Community Showcase at the Holiday Inn on November 1, 2010.

Slideshow of the Stoeckle Center's "Portraits in Primary Care"

View pictures of the 'Portraits in Primary Care' receiving their awards.

MGH Primary Care Practices: Catalog of Programs

This is a catalog of the programs and projects that each of our MGH adult and pediatric Primary Care practices and primary care-related groups displayed at the Primary Care Community Showcase on Nov. 1, 2010.

Participating Practices and Groups

A comprehensive listing of all 21 MGH adult and pediatric primary care practices, 10 primary care related groups, and the items that were displayed at their table at the Showcase.


At the Showcase, attendees were asked the question, "In just ONE word, tell us what primary care means to you." These words were use to create a word cloud, or a Wordle, describing primary care.