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06/26/2015: Honoring patients as teachers

Three MGH patients were honored for their role as exceptional teachers to internal medicine residents in the primary care clinic setting.

09/19/2014: A brush with history

The unveiling of the John D. Stoeckle, MD, portrait and the conference room named in his honor were celebrated on Sept. 11.

08/06/2014: Increased adoption of complex care management can help meet cost savings, quality goals

In a New England Journal of Medicine article and a issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund, two Massachusetts General Hospital physicians and their co-authors outline best practices in complex care management, discuss barriers to wider adoption of the approach and describe potential strategies to surmount those barriers.

07/26/2013: CCC garners international interest

Students from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany visit with Crimson Care Collaborative students and physicians regarding plans to open its first student-faculty practice.

12/07/2012: Transforming primary care

Primary Care practices throughout Partners HealthCare continue to embrace the process of practice redesign to achieve the patient-centered medical home model of care.

11/02/2012: Honoring the Primary Care community

The biannual Portraits in Primary Care series, created by the Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, honored 12 members of the MGH Primary Care community this year.

06/29/2012: In General: 06.29.12

In General awards and honors

01/11/2012: Primary Inspiration

The Crimson Care Collaborative serves patients who don’t have a primary care doctor and tries to get medical students excited about primary care, a field many have shunned.

07/29/2011: Building healthier communities

To expand access to health care for patients in underserved urban and rural areas, the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) awards scholarships and loan repayment plans to clinicians in exchange for at least two years of service in an area of need.

07/29/2011: Stoeckle Center scholars explore primary care careers

How does a medical school student learn what it’s really like to be a primary care physician? One way is through the Stoeckle Center Scholars program sponsored by the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation.

02/24/2011: Michael Barry on CBS Evening News

The odds a doctor will recommend elective surgery may depend on where you live, according to a new study.

09/08/2010: Health Care Reform: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Reform could strain, or possibly improve, the primary-care experience

09/08/2010: Health Care Reform: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Reform could strain, or possibly improve, the primary-care experience

10/16/2009: The critical and evolving role of primary care

MGH Hotline 10.16.09 On Sept. 24, the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, the Harvard Primary Care Working Group and the Primary Care Division at Harvard Medical School (HMS) hosted a panel discussion, "Primary Care: The Foundation for Health Care Reform," as part of the 2009 Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series.

12/19/2014: Stoeckle Center Publications

Stoeckle Center Publications
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11/07/2014: Morbidity and Mortality Conference (Autumn)

General Medicine Unit Systems Based M&M (Morbidity and Mortality)

10/24/2014: Stoeckle Center Seminar

“Chasing Two Hares: The Clinician as Writer”

11/03/2013: Celebration of Sisters - A Tribute to Marjorie E. and Jane E. Lipson

Join us on November 3 for Celebration of Sisters, a skating event to benefit the Marjorie E. & Jane E. Lipson Memorial Fund at the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation at Mass General.

12/16/2011: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"Bringing Health Information to Life”

11/18/2011: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"Wellness and Prevention: The Work of Primary Care Now Valued"

11/03/2011: The Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

“Writing for Patients and Consumer Health Publications”

06/24/2011: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"The APF After One Year"

06/17/2011: Schwartz Center Connections

Jacob Amari's Story

04/29/2011: Spring Morbidity and Mortality Conference

HIPAA, Confidentiality and Communication

04/20/2011: Schwartz Center Rounds for the Primary Care Community

“Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty”

04/15/2011: Schwartz Center Connections

Systems and Culture Chaos: Ana Delgado's Story

03/25/2011: Stoeckle Center Seminar

“HIT and the Medical Home”

02/25/2011: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"The Patient-Centered Medical Home: What's In It for You!"

02/18/2011: Winter Morbidity and Mortality Conference

"Irreconcilable Differences: What's in your pill box?"

02/08/2011: Schwartz Center Connections

Daleesha Brown's Story

01/21/2011: Schwartz Center Connections

"Let's get another opinion" - The case of Olga Ivanov

01/19/2011: Schwartz Center Rounds

"Grace and Grit: How the Death of a Patient Impacts the Care Team?”

12/14/2010: Schwartz Center Connections

Stephen Bloom Story

11/19/2010: Ambulatory M&M Conference

"The Keys to Quality Care: Connecting the Dots vs. Falling Through the Cracks"

11/17/2010: Schwartz Center Rounds

“Blackmailed Into Care”

10/22/2010: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"A Trauma-informed Approach to the Health of Young Black Men"

10/21/2010: Cabot Lecture

“Wrong Place, Wrong Time: the lingering effects of violence and trauma."

10/20/2010: Schwartz Center Rounds

"Paralyzed, Helpless, and Struggling to Care"

10/07/2010: Primary Care Knowledge Sharing Dinner

Presentation by Thomas Lee, MD, CEO of PCHI and Partners Network President, on future directions for Primary Care at Partners.

09/24/2010: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"A 22-year-old woman with jaundice and fever: A case of undiagnosed error"

06/25/2010: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"Enhancing E.M.P.A.T.H.Y in Healthcare Delivery"

06/17/2010: Primary Care Knowledge Sharing Dinner

"Creating Flow in the Ambulatory Setting": Lessons learned from the Virginia Mason Institute.

05/28/2010: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"Creating a Workplace Culture that Fosters Relationship-Centered Care"

05/27/2010: Cabot Lecture

“The Effect of the Practice Environment on Well-being (The Patient’s AND Yours!)”

05/26/2010: Knowledge Sharing Dinner

“Leadership and Team-building”

04/23/2010: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"Medication Safety and Transitions in Care: The Role of the PCP"

03/26/2010: Stoeckle Center Seminar

"RED, BOOST, and You: Improving the Discharge Transition of Care"

01/09/2010: Difficult Conversations in Healthcare: Pedagogy and Practice

We invite you to participate in a one-day faculty development course. The course will be offered again on Saturday, June 12, 2010.

12/16/2009: Schwartz Center Rounds

Clinician/Patient Boundaries: Do We Need Them and Why?

11/20/2009: Stoeckle Center Seminar

Clinical Pharmacist in a Primary Care Setting: An "Indispensable" Role

10/28/2009: Schwartz Center Rounds

“Transition of Care in the Midst of Patient Crisis”

10/22/2009: The Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

“Community Health Centers: America’s Health Care Home”

09/25/2009: Stoeckle Center Seminar

“The Integrated Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder”

09/24/2009: The Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

“Primary Care: The Foundation for Health Care Reform”

06/26/2009: Stoeckle Center Seminar

Working with Alzheimer's Patients and Their Families in Primary Care

05/27/2009: Schwartz Center Rounds

“The Alone Factor of the Primary Care Physician””

04/22/2009: Schwartz Center Rounds

“The Pros and Cons of Cons and Pros: The Drug-demanding Patient”

04/16/2009: The Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

“Doctors, Patients, and Stories…The Role of Narrative in Medicine”

03/27/2009: Stoeckle Center Seminar

Reclaiming the Science (and Soul) of Primary Care: The Commercial Influence on Medical Knowledge and Clinical Care Can No Longer Be Ignored.

03/26/2009: The Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

“Reclaiming the Science (and Soul) of Primary Care: The Commercial Influence on Medical Knowledge and Clinical Care Can No Longer Be Ignored.

03/25/2009: Schwartz Center Rounds

The Insatiable Mistress

02/27/2009: Stoeckle Center Seminar

“Primary Care Redesign: Curing What Ails Health Care”

02/26/2009: Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

The Global Solution: Primary Care = International Health

01/30/2009: Stoeckle Center Seminar

“Health Reform, the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress”

01/29/2009: The Cabot Primary Care Lecture Series

“The Future of Primary Care”

01/21/2009: Schwartz Center Rounds

“When Good Intentions Lead to Bad Outcomes”

09/26/2008: Stoeckle Center Seminar

“Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine is Making Us Sicker and Poorer"

Portraits in Primary Care Slideshow

See the Portraits in Primary Care honorees receive their awards at the MGH Primary Care Community Showcase on November 1, 2010.

Primary Care Showcase Slideshow

Images captured during the Stoeckle Center's tenth anniversary event: the MGH Primary Care Community Showcase at the Holiday Inn on November 1, 2010.

Building a Medical Neighborhood: Improving Access and Teamwork

Images captured during the Building a Medical Neighborhood: Improving Access and Teamwork conference at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods on September 21, 2011.

Introduction to the Patient Centered Medical Home

A brief video to learn about the Medical Home (produced by Emmi Solutions)