About This Project

The Pediatric Guidebook enhances and creates a greater experience of care for parents and patients, as well as greatly improves the quality of life for pediatricians and their office staff.

One component of the Pediatric Guidebook is pre-visit preparation material and information that allows parents to better prepare for well-child visits and come to the appointments with all of the information their physician will need as part of the visit (such as how much and how often is the baby eating during the day). When parents are better prepared for an appointment, they will be able to make better use of their one-on-one face-time with the doctor, enhancing the efficiency and the quality and the outcome of the visit for both the patient/parent and physician.

The Guidebook is designed to encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s health care and to leave room in the office visit for discussions that can only happen or are better when done in person.  Patients who become accustomed to receiving information about straightforward health issues and partnering with their physician in information-sharing will be better prepared to make informed decisions should they ever face a more serious or uncertain health care decision. Modeling this kind of interaction and partnership between families and pediatricians also helps create a new generation of informed and participatory health care consumers.

The goals and objectives of the Pediatric Guidebook include the following:

  • Improve clinician and patient/parent satisfaction and experience with the office visit
  • Help prepare parents for a focused office visit with efficient and beneficial use of face-to-face time with the physician
  • Provide parents with standardized clinician-approved medical, resource, and educational materials
  • Decrease number and length of after-hour calls to the nurse call center
  • Improve adherence to clinical guidelines
  • Role modeling of effective parent/patient/clinician partnerships

The Pediatric Guidebook project was funded through the Partners Community Healthcare, Inc. (PCHI) System Improvement Grant Program.

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