The Stoeckle Center

Stoeckle Center Innovation Programs

Ambulatory Practice of the Future

The Ambulatory Practice of the Future (APF) is an innovative primary care clinic that focuses on comprehensive, proactive population management, and empowers patients to engage in their care.

Crimson Care Collaborative

The Crimson Care Collaborative is a faculty-student primary care practice for MGH and Harvard Medical School students.

Depression Pilot Project

This project aims to develop and enhance a team-based approach to depression care using an evidence-based model, improve patient engagement in self-management, and facilitate more efficient depression management through the use of a multidisciplinary care team that relies on a non-MD care manager role.

Development of a Comprehensive Guide to Pediatric Practices

The Stoeckle Center has developed a comprehensive guidebook that enhances and creates a greater experience of care for parents and patients, as well as greatly improves the quality of life for pediatricians and their office staff.

Point-of-Care Technology (POCT) grant

Point-of-care (POC) technologies are inexpensive and user-friendly medical devices and information-sharing tools that deliver trusted information to the clinician in real-time, and improve quality and patient safety.

Shared Decision-Making

This program enables clinicians to electronically “prescribe” problem-specific information to patients who are faced with routine screening options or health care treatment decisions, allowing for improved patient and family participation in decision-making in primary care.