The Stoeckle Center

The Stoeckle Center hosts Schwartz Center Rounds, which are unique, multi-disciplinary sessions in which Mass General staff explore the emotional side of caregiving.

All Rounds, unless otherwise noted, occur on the third Wednesday of every month, from 12:30 -1:30pm in the Thier Conference Room. Lunch is provided.

The Stoeckle Center hosts monthly Schwartz Center Rounds—unique, multi-disciplinary sessions in which hospital staff explore the emotional side of care-giving. A national program with sites across the country, these Rounds are partially funded by the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center. Kathryn Treadway, MD, Leigh Simmons, MD, and Barbara Moscowitz, MSW, LICSW, lead and facilitate discussion. For more information about Schwartz Center Rounds, visit

June 19, 2013. "Liable if You Do Tell, Liable if You Don’t Tell? Protecting your Patient, and the Public." Staff of North End Waterfront Health

May 15, 2013. “Managing Splitting in Complex Patients:Teams and Trust.” Priscilla McCormack, NP - Complex Care Team; Tara Nelson, RD - Nutrition and Food Services; Marilyn Wise, MSW, LICSW

March 20, 2013. “A Tale of Two Patients: The Stories Behind ‘Population Management’ in Diabetes Care." Michael Nathan, MD; MGH Revere HealthCare Center

February 20, 2013. "Alternative, But Not Complementary: Maintaining a Therapeutic Alliance When Treatment Plans Conflict.” Suzanne Koven, MD, Bulfinch Medical Group; Melissa Cloutier, RN, MSW, Bulfinch Medical Group

January 16, 2013. "What? Don’t You Trust Me?: A New Day for Opioid Management in Primary Care." Karen Carlson, MD, Medical Director, MGH Women's Health Associates; Mary Norato-Indeglia, MSN, ANPC, MGH Women's Health Associates

December 19, 2012. "If I Can Help Someone Else: Practicing Primary Care in a Research Setting.” Debra Cambridge, NP, Bulfinch Medical Group; Christopher Kabrhel, MD, MPH, Emergency Department; David Miller, MD, Bulfinch Medical Group

November 14, 2012. "When ‘death is more natural’ than a bone marrow biopsy: A case of cultural barriers, misunderstanding, and fear." Emily Morell, Harvard Medical School, Crimson Care Collaborative; Jay Wang, Harvard Medical School, Crimson Care Collaborative; Barbara Quaraglia, Patient Services Coordinator, Internal Medicine Associates; Thalia Margalit Krakower, MD, Internal Medicine Associates

October 17, 2012. "You Belong to Me: Accountable in the Era of ACOs.” David Judge, MD, Medical Director, APF; J. Benjamin Crocker, MD, Assistant Medical Director, APF; Jasmine Webb, MA, APF; Mary Ann Marshall, RN, APF

September 19, 2012: “Of Patients and Pink Papers: The Challenges of Filing a Section 12.” Alan Moulaison, MGH Police and Security; Andy Gottlieb, NP, Occupational Health; Lisa Sibert Carr, MD, MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center; Skip Atkins, MD, MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center

June 20, 2012:  “The ‘Soft Stuff’ is the Hard Stuff: The End of Life Journey with a Primary Care Patient.” Barbara Kane, MD, Bulfinch Medical Group; Julia Shea, RN, Care Management Program, Bulfinch Medical Group

May 16, 2012: “Doc, I Don’t Like What You Wrote in My Record!” John Foster, MD, MPH, CMO, North End Waterfront Health; Vincenzo Scibelli, LICSW, Director of Behavioral Health Services, North End Waterfront Health; Paula Moran, MGH Privacy and Security Manager

April 25, 2012: “The Last Resort: Ultimatums and the Primary Care Therapeutic Relationship.” Deborah Wood, RN; Erin Smith, LICSW; Stephen Southard, MD; and Leigh Simmons, MD, all of the MGH Internal Medicine Associates

March 21, 2012: “Working Within ‘Bonds of Obligation’: A Son’s Promise, a Doctor’s Oath.” Ardeshir Hashmi, MD; Lisa Mortimer, MSW; and Spencer Wilking, MD, MGH Senior Health

February 15, 2012: “Too Much of a Good Thing?: Patient-Doctor Communication in the Digital Age.” Erika Riley, MD, MGH Beacon Hill; Helen Lichtwart, RN, MGH Beacon Hill; Richard Perrotti, Senior Administrative Manager, MGH Beacon Hill; Jonathan Liu Worth, MD, Department of Psychiatry, MGH

January 18, 2012: “Clouded Vision, Fuzzy Decisions: Helping People Get The Care They Need.” Marcia Zucker, MD, Women’s Health Associates; Mark Murakami, MD, Internal Medicine Associates; Maureen Veduccio, RN, Care Management Program; Melissa Vespa, RN, Care Management Program; Lauren Buhl, Student, Harvard Medical School

December 14, 2011: “Informed Dissent: When Reasonable People Refuse.” Marcy Bergeron, ANP; Abigail Zavod, MD, MPH; Paul S. Cusick, MD; MGH Bulfinch Medical Group

November 30, 2011: “Can’t Wait to Meet My New Doctor: The Joys and Struggles of Resident Primary Care Practice.” Meghan Shea, MD, Internal Medicine Associates; Susan Mathai, MD, Bulfinch Medical Group

October 19, 2011: “Navigating Blurred Boundaries: Caring for Colleagues.” David Judge, MD; J. Benjamin Crocker, MD; Theresa Egan, Medical Assistant; Mary Ann Marshall, RN; MGH Ambulatory Practice of the Future