Third-Year Residents

Katherine Albut, MD

Katherine Albutt, MD

Hometown: London, England; Darien, CT

Education: MD/MPH, Harvard University; Undergraduate, Georgetown University

Clinical interests: trauma and acute care surgery, pediatric surgery, global surgery and public health

Personal interests: traveling, relaxing with friends, college basketball, all things Georgetown


Yanik Bababekov, MD

Yanik Bababekov, MD, MPH

Hometown: Boston, MA

Education: MD/MPH, Tufts University School of Medicine; Undergraduate, Middlebury College

Clinical interests: transplant and hepatopancreatcobiliary (HPB) surgery

Personal interests: spending time with family, lacrosse, squash


Sonia Cohen, MD, Ph.D.

Sonia Cohen, MD

Education: MD/PhD, Harvard Medical School; Undergraduate, Johns Hopkins University

Clinical interests: surgical oncology

Personal interests: experimenting in the kitchen, working on yoga


Derek Erstad, MD

Derek Erstad, MD

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Education: MD, Harvard Medical School; Undergraduate, College of Idaho

Clinical interests: surgical oncology, cancer biology

Personal interests: soccer, running, seeing my family


Rebecca Grammer, MD

Rebecca Grammer, DMD, MD

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Education: Harvard School of Dental Medicine, DMD, Harvard Medical School, MD, Johns Hopkins University, undergraduate

Clinical interests: oral and maxillofacial surgery

Personal interests: cooking, traveling, going to the beach, rowing, running


Daniel Hashimoto, MD
Daniel Hashimoto, MD

Hometown: Forest, MS and El Paso, TX

Education: MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Undergraduate, Boston University

Clinical interests: minimally invasive surgery; surgical education and technology

Personal interests: playing sports, cooking


Rajshri Mainthia
Rajshri Mainthia, MD

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Education: MD, Vanderbilt School of Medicine; Undergraduate, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Oxford

Clinical interests: surgical oncology and endocrinology, translational cancer research, global health and education

Personal interests: hiking, exploring new places with family and friends, fine art, competitive scrabble


Justin Messina, DMD, MD

Justin Messina, DMD, MD

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Education: MD, Harvard Medical School; DMD, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine; Undergraduate, Penn State University

Clinical interests: oral and maxillofacial surgery

Personal interests: athletics, working out, travel


Tom O'Donnell, MD

Tom O'Donnell, MD

Hometown: Boston and Pittsburgh

Education: MD, Weill Cornell Medical College; Undergraduate, University of Notre Dame

Clinical interests: thoracic and hepatobiliary surgery

Personal interests: playing and watching sports, reading, competing in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


Sahael Stapleton, MD

Sahael Stapleton, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Education: MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Undergraduate, University of California Los Angeles

Clinical interests: colorectal surgery, surgical oncology

Personal interests: cooking, hiking, photography


Luis Felipe Tapias Vargas, MD

Luis Felipe Tapias Vargas, MD

Hometown: Bucaramanga, Colombia

Education: Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga

Clinical interests: thoracic surgery, trauma

Personal interests: playing football (soccer), watching movies, walking in the city

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