Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support Program in Greece

Mass General’s Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support (CMTS) Program offers care for cancer and other complex medical problems to patients associated with the Athens Medical Group.


The Massachusetts General Hospital Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support (CMTS) Program is designed to provide the highest standard of multidisciplinary care for cancer and other complex medical problems to patients associated with the Athens Medical Group. Through this program, your physician in Greece will consult with physicians at Mass General Hospital to determine the best approach to your care.

Multidisciplinary patient consultation
Multidisciplinary patient consultation

If you are interested in the Program, our Program Management Team at Athens Medical Center or Interbalkan Medical Center will help you get started. Here’s how it works:

  • Your local physician will discuss the Program with you if you have a medical problem that would benefit from specialized, multidisciplinary advice. You will be directed to Mass General’s CMTS office at Athens Medical Center or Interbalkan.
  • The Program Management staff will register you and process payment.
  • The Program Management Team will work with your local physician to assemble a complete medical file, and then enter the data in a secure website database to share with Mass General specialists. It is important to obtain all relevant medical records, images and sometimes pathology specimens to complete the medical file.
  • A specially selected multidisciplinary medical team at Mass General will review your medical records and discuss internally how to best treat your case, with an emphasis on developing a cohesive, in-depth, easy to understand treatment plan that your local physician can implement for you.
  • A single physician contact at Mass General — the Team Leader — will synthesize the team’s advice and recommendations and deliver a comprehensive report to your physician.
  • Your physician will meet with you to discuss Mass General’s recommendations.
  • The Mass General multidisciplinary team of specialists will remain available to your physician to support your care for the duration of your treatment episode. (Most episodes of care are completed within 90 days. CMTS services can be extended longer than 90 days for an additional fee.)

Please note that Mass General will communicate all medical consultations to your local physician. Our local Program Management Team will serve as your liaison with Mass General.

About this Program

The Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Support (CMTS) Program provides enhanced service support and offers the following benefits to patients:

Standard of Care

If you are a patient with a complex medical problem, the most effective treatment for you entails a multidisciplinary approach. This means an individual treatment plan that incorporates an in-depth evaluation by multiple experts. CMTS offers a long-distance version of the standard of multidisciplinary care practiced at the world’s leading academic centers, including Massachusetts General Hospital. Whereas a second opinion is generated by a single physician, who typically studies only part of the patient medical record, CMTS is very different. We offer an in-depth evaluation by multiple experts (e.g., surgeon, radiation oncologist, radiologist, medical oncologist, pathologist), who then confer in order to present a detailed analysis of the disease coupled with recommendations about short- and long-term care. We present a summary to the patient that includes the assessment and action plan that would be offered to a similar patient treated at Mass General.

Expert Medical Navigation

Senior physicians at Mass General will direct the program and be responsible for selecting the most appropriate specialists for each case from more than 2,000 medical staff at Mass General.

Physician Team Leader

Depending on the medical characteristics of each case, a lead specialist will be designated to oversee the medical team’s review of the case; integrate the contributions of the various specialists; write a report summarizing the treatment recommendations; and respond to follow-up requests from the referring physician.

Expanded Service Period

CMTS covers ongoing consultations and advice from the Mass General team to the referring physician for the duration of most treatment plans.

Concierge Assistance

Our on-site Program Management Team takes the administrative burden off patients and referring physicians by handling registration (both patient and physician); collecting and entering patient medical records into the Program database; packaging and posting of pathology slides for diagnostic purposes; processing payment; and ensuring that all communications are recorded and responses are made in a timely fashion.

Expert Medical Navigators

  • Andrew L. Warshaw, MD

    Senior Consultant, International and Regional Clinical Relations, Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners Healthcare
    W. Gerald Austen Distinguished Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
    Surgeon-in-Chief, Emeritus, Massachusetts General Hospital

  • George Velmahos, MD, PhD

    Chief, Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery and Surgical Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital
    John Francis Burke Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

  • Jay Loeffler, MD

    Chief, Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital
    Herman and Joan Suit Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School


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