Center for Transplantation Sciences

Faculty and staff in the Center for Transplantation Sciences (CTS) at Massachusetts General Hospital collaborate to conduct innovative research on organ and bone marrow transplantation.

Administrative/Technical Personnel

Pat Kiszkiss, Senior Laboratory Manager
Scott Arn, Senior Technical Specialist
Anthony Sabadini, Administrative Manager
Michelle Sanchez, Administrative Manager
Sarah Burke, Laboratory Manager
Sharon Germana, Laboratory Manager/Post-award Grant Administrator for Dr. Turka
Isabel Hanekamp, Laboratory Manager
Jim Winter, Surgical Research Supervisor
Kelsey Painter, Grant Administrator
Lisa Bernardo, Senior Staff Assistant III
Jennifer Mason, Staff Assistant III/Pre-award Grant Administrator for Dr. Turka
Rebecca Brophy, Staff Assistant III to Dr. Sachs
Deatrice Moore, Staff Assistant III to Dr. Madsen  
Niki Robertson, Laboratory Assistant
Lauren Maxwell
Sarah Lofgren
Obed Posada
Elena Shubina
Kirk Simmons
Hue Ming Wong
Grafton Facility Personnel
Robert Billiter, Facility Manager
Kevin Lightbown, DVM, Veterinarian (Consultant)
Peter Cummins
Rebecca Curley
Jessica Karsok
Matthew Miller