Why a Pre-admission Visit?

We would like to know as much about you as possible so that we are prepared to care for your unique needs. In turn, we would like you and your family to have as much information as you would like and welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Feel free to contact the thoracic surgeon’s office with any questions that you may have.

When Will It Be and How Long Will It Last?

You will receive your surgical date and your pre-admission clinic appointment from your doctor’s office.

Your pre-admission clinic visit will take about two to three hours. You may park in the garages in front of the hospital.


An interviewer will have you sign some important insurance documents and provide you with information about your admission.

From the General Admitting Office, you will be escorted to the Pre-Admission Clinic. At the Clinic, you will be seen by an anesthesiologist, a nurse, and if necessary, a case manager.

Physical Exam

You will also go to the Thoracic Surgery offices on Blake 1570. There, a physician assistant or nurse practitioner will perform a history and physical. Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) may also be performed at this time.

The physician assistants and nurse practitioners are part of the team that works with your surgeon. They will see you routinely after your surgery and be involved in your care under the supervision of your surgeon.

The nurse practitioner or physician assistant will examine you and take a medical history. Please let the nurse or physician assistant know of any medical problems or allergies that you have and any medication that you take and the doses. Please bring a list or the bottles of these medications.

It is especially important that you tell the practitioner if you take Coumadin, any other blood thinners or prednisone.

Other Tests

You may have a chest x-ray, electrocardiogram and blood work if ordered by the anesthesiologist or surgeon.

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