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  • Model mission

    Friday, July 21, 2017  Mass General

    For the past four years, David R. King, MD, has made it his mission within Boston and area communities to host bleeding control training programs. Now, King plans to train all MGH staff in the proper use of tourniquets – a first-of-its-kind program in Massachusetts and a model for the United States.

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  • Once again, named among America's best hospitals

    Tuesday, August 2, 2016  Mass General

    Massachusetts General Hospital is once again named among the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report and is the only hospital to be highly rated across all 16 specialties.

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  • #1 in the Nation

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015  Mass General

    U.S. News & World Report has named Massachusetts General Hospital the #1 hospital in the nation based on our quality of care, patient safety and reputation in 16 clinical specialties.

  • Trauma preparedness: teaching the teachers

    Monday, June 8, 2015  Mass General

    Mass General trauma surgeon David King, MD, instructs local educators in the use of tourniquets, empowering them to take action in a crisis.

  • Q&A with Haytham Kaafarani, MD, MPH: Safer Driving Habits in Teens

    Friday, May 1, 2015  Mass General

    Before teens get their licenses, it's important for parents to help instill safe driving habits and empower teens to be confident behind the wheel. Haytham Kaafarani, MD, MPH, a trauma surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides some tips on how parents can help teens stay safe while driving.

  • Mass General surgeon is developing life-saving "trauma foam"

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015  Mass General

    David King, MD, trauma surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, is developing an innovative, self-expanding foam that may help patients with severe internal bleeding survive long enough to reach a hospital and undergo surgery.

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  • Calling all runners to the 2015 Boston Marathon

    Friday, October 3, 2014  Mass General

    The MGH is now accepting applications for the 119th Boston Marathon, which will be held on April 20, 2015.

  • Emergency surgery saves beloved mother with Alzheimer's disease

    Friday, August 1, 2014  Mass General

    When a patient with advanced Alzheimer's disease arrived at Massachusetts General Hospital with a life-threatening condition, her family and the medical team faced a difficult decision to perform life-saving surgery.

  • #1 in New England, #2 in the nation

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014  Mass General

    U.S. News & World Report ranks Massachusetts General Hospital among the top hospitals in America based on our quality of care, patient safety and reputation in 16 specialties.

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  • MGH and MGHfC celebrate passage of three child-safety laws

    Thursday, November 18, 2010  Mass General

    MGH Hotline 11.12.10 On Oct. 21, members of the MGH and MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) gathered with state legislators and advocates to commemorate the passage of three Massachusetts child-safety laws.

  • MGHers successfully advocate for injury-prevention state laws

    Friday, August 6, 2010  Mass General

    MGH Hotline 08.06.10 The caregivers at the MGH and MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) support the health and well-being of adults and children in many ways. Recently, several hospital caregivers and administrators went a step further in their support of the health of their communities when they played important roles advocating for several injury-prevention state laws.

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  • Trauma and Critical Care Symposium

    Sunday, November 2, 2014

    The Trauma and Critical Care Symposium provides in-depth and leading-edge information in the field of critical care and trauma.

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