Tobacco Treatment Service

Our Tobacco Treatment Services include inpatient bedside counseling, outpatient quit smoking group programs, and consultation services for business and industry.

MGH Inpatient Counseling Service: Counseling is available at the bedside for hospitalized tobacco users. Counselors provide tailored assistance to help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms while in the hospital. Counselors also help those interested in quitting develop a post-discharge quit plan including referal to community resources, if appropriate. Please contact our Service at (617) 726-7443 or email

Outpatient Group Counseling Program:

We offer an outpatient group program that runs once a week for 7 weeks. Groups consist of 8-12 tobacco users and are led by a trained counselor. Sessions include medication information and recommendations, quit plan development, stress management strategies and support. Please call the number listed below to inquire.

Worksite Consultation: The MGH Tobacco Treatment Service can work with individual businesses to plan and/or deliver quit smoking programs.

Please contact the Tobacco Treatment Service at (617) 726-7443 for more information about our programs and fees for services.