Aortic Valve-Preserving Aneurysm Repair

Physicians perform an aortic valve-preserving aneurysm repair to treat aortic root aneurysms and aortic insufficiency.

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This type of procedure is for patients with aortic root aneurysms and aortic insufficiency, but whose aortic valve leaflets (the flaps of tissue that hang from the wall of the aortic root and close in the middle of the tube to prevent blood from leaking backward) are still structurally normal.

Surgeons re-implant the aortic valve and the coronary arteries into the graft (an artificial tube made of a special fabric called Dacron ® or Gore-Tex ®) that is used to repair the aneurysm. Patients who have this procedure can avoid the long-term blood thinners that would be necessary with some artificial valves.


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