The Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology consists of both basic and clinical scientists whose primary research emphasis includes infertility, aging, and cancer as they pertain to the ovary and uterus. The center provides an optimal environment for individuals who are interested in integrating clinical and basic sciences and have a strong desire to pursue a career in academic research.

Our overall research mission is to overcome infertility, improve health care for both non-pregnant and pregnant women, combat gynecologic cancers, and ease the menopausal transition in women through basic, translational, and clinical research. A major step in realizing this goal was achieved in June of 1995 with the formal creation of the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology - a state of the art research facility developed to serve as the center of our department's scientific endeavors. Since its inception, the VCRB has been successfully nurtured into the Department's cornerstone for research related to reproductive and women's health. This accomplishment paired with strengths in research found in other divisions within our department have combined to make our research enterprise a critical component of the Vincent OB/GYN service.

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