Visitor Information

The Massachusetts General Hospital Police and Security Department provides helpful services for patients and visitors, creating a more secure environment for everyone.

Police and Security

Police and Security can be contacted for any reason at the following numbers:

Mass General Main Campus: 617-726-2121

Charlestown Navy Yard: 617-726-5400

Charlestown HealthCare Center: 617-724-8151

Revere HealthCare Center: 781-485-6464

Chelsea HealthCare Center: 617-887-4300

Parking Lot Escort Service

Mass General’s Police and Security Department provides security escorts to any patient, visitor or employee who would like an escort to the parking garages and streets surrounding the hospital. Please call Police and Security (see below) to arrange for an escort. Escorts are subject to availability.

Lost and Found

Patients and visitors are encouraged to call Police and Security to inquire about lost items or missing personal effects. If the lost item contains identifying information, Police and Security will attempt to contact the owner and return the item. If an item is not claimed within 30 days, it becomes the property of Mass General.

Help With Your Car

Police and Security can help with minor car problems, such as:

  • Accessing a car if keys have been locked inside.
  • Jump starting a car if the battery has been drained.
  • Providing sealant for a flat tire.

For any other car problems, Police and Security can contact a road service or tow truck.

Reporting Incidents

Employees, staff, patients and visitors are encouraged to report all criminal activity and anything that might seem out of the ordinary to the Police and Security department.