Scholarship in Anesthesia Research for Residents Who Are Underrepresented in Medicine

The Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital selects and educates academic anesthesiologists, many of whom go on to careers in research and leadership roles in their profession.

In collaboration with the Multicultural Affairs Office at Mass General, the department offers a Scholarship in Anesthesia Research for Residents who are Underrepresented in Medicine (SARRUM). The goal of the SARRUM is to attract into our residency program those underrepresented medical school candidates, as defined by the Association of American Medical Colleges, who have a strong desire to become researchers and academic anesthesiologists. The scholarships will help support these scholars during the formative years of their training.

The scholarship will commence at the start of residency. Each scholar shall receive $10,000 per year for each of five consecutive years. This generally consists of financial support during the three years of residency followed by two years of research in a junior faculty position. If a scholar decides to do a fourth year clinical fellowship immediately following the three years of residency training, the scholarship may be extended from five to six consecutive years. The scholarship payments shall be in addition to the amount of the normal post-graduate year (PGY) salary and junior faculty salary.

Following the scholar's completion of the three years of clinical training (assuming their clinical performance is satisfactory and they continue to satisfy the credentialing requirements), scholars will be appointed at Mass General and will be recommended for faculty appointment as Instructors in Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School to serve at Mass General. The scholar will then be expected to perform two years of mentored research training in the basic, translational or clinical sciences. This commitment to research will be satisfied by 24 months of service with primary appointment at Mass General in which up to 80% (if joining the NIH-funded Training Grant Program, see below), but not less than 60%, of total effort is devoted to mentored research training.

Scholars are eligible for the NIH-funded Training Grant Program (T32) of the Harvard Medical School's Department of Anesthesia. The grant provides support after residency for two to three years of research training at Harvard Medical School or its affiliated hospitals, or at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Research carried out while on the training grant will count towards satisfying the two-year research commitment.

Scholars electing to do mentored clinical research training will be expected to enroll in a research training program such as the Scholars in Clinical Science Program (SCSP) at Harvard.

CA3 research fellowship time does not count towards the two-year research commitment.

The scholarship is an investment in the scholar's future career and consequently is subject to a payback agreement. Scholars who opt to not complete their residency training or their two-year post-residency research commitment will be expected to pay back a pro rata portion of the scholarship funds. Full details of this agreement are available.

Application Procedure

Applicants for a SARRUM Scholarship must also apply for an anesthesia residency position at Mass General through ERAS prior to November 1. The SARRUM is not offered as an independent program outside of a residency position.

In addition to the regular residency application, candidates wishing to apply for a SARRUM scholarship should submit the following directly to Patricia Luberto, residency coordinator in the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine:

  • A description of  your research background and experience (up to two single-spaced pages)
  • A statement on why you are interested in research (up to one single-spaced page)
  • A summary on how your career plan incorporates research (up to one single-spaced page)
  • Two reference letters that specifically address your research potential

These materials must be received by January 15. A decision should be communicated to the candidate by mid-February and prior to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) rank list due date.

Please forward the above application materials to:

Patricia Kristo, Residency Coordinator
Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696

Phone: 617-319-3940

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