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Area of Study Targeted Outcomes Projects
Ownership of patient data Individuals will become able to collect, secure and benefit from their personal health data as well as become a central part of their health care team Our smartphone app uses open personal data-store technology to allow the individual to become the owner of their data, controlling who sees their data, how much and when. Learn more
Chronic diseases with a focus on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity

Improve patient engagement, healthy behavior and outcomes

Identify patients at high risk of complications earlier

Identify new subclasses of diabetes, obesity and other diseases

Define early markers that illuminate upcoming flairs of heart failure and renal disease

Our smartphone sensors empower patients to take control of their health everyday to improve their outcomes in chronic diseases and stay connected to their health care team. Learn more

We collect data from a broad set of sources, traditional and non-traditional, to gather new insights about when disease initiates, how it progresses and how it can be controlled. This research helps us target patients at higher risk of developing disease, as well as identify variations of diseases. Learn more

We are developing the capability to quantify hydration status for heart failure and dialysis patients using new sensors. Learn more

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