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Standard operating procedures (SOPs) detail how a study will be conducted and who from the study team will be responsible for each activity, from study initiation through closure. SOPs are a necessary planning and training tool for study team members and should be developed and updated throughout the course of your study.

The principal investigator or designee must formally train all members of their team on the specifics of the SOPs and document that this training has occurred on a Study Staff Training Log. Documentation ensures that you can demonstrate that the study has been performed per protocol.

Best practices call for a study team meeting at the beginning of each project to review study protocol, procedures and individual duties. Be sure to keep a sign-in sheet to document who attended these trainings.

As delegation of duties occurs, specify these on a Delegation of Responsibilities Log and update this log regularly.

It is vital that you work to ensure all members of your team are made aware of all changes, and that they are clear about how these changes may impact their work. Establish regular meeting times, integrate continued training sessions and keep minutes to record that these events occurred.

Throughout the course of your study, and as study procedures and individual duties change, it is important to remember that investigators are responsible for making sure all members of their team are properly qualified, trained and supervised to do their jobs.

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