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Identifying a Mentor to Help Hone Your Idea

Whether seeking advice on how to ask the right research question, how to best design a new experiment or how to secure the resources you need, finding an experienced mentor can help to ensure a successful outcome to your clinical research project.

By providing knowledgeable and strategic advice, a mentor can serve to empower a junior faculty member, post-doc or fellow to pursue innovative opportunities. The interest and the support of a mentor often provides the mentee with confidence to undertake a new and exciting challenge, and can mean the difference between failure and success.

By serving in the role of a guide, coach or ally, a mentor can answer questions as they arise and thereby ensure steady progress and completion of your project milestones.

By serving in the role of an advocate, a mentor can help you navigate the terrain of academia and move forward professionally.

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The Division of Clinical Research (DCR) at Massachusetts General Hospital helps to connect investigators and study staff members to a variety of courses, services and resources that provide assistance with every step of the clinical research process. These include offerings from the DCR itself, as well as associated research institutions and organizations. Mass General resources are listed first; DCR programs are noted in parentheses.



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