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Most grants do not get funded the first time around. Recent statistics from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) show an average success rate of 18.1% for their various centers/institutes.

Thus, it is important to consider resubmission from the beginning:

  • What are the problem areas that could be adjusted if needed in your second round of applications?
  • How much would you be willing to change the nature of your project if reviewers challenged your specific aims and study design?
  • Are there other centers or institutes that might be a better fit for your project?
  • Who can support you in this process?

The first people who you should consider for support in this process are your mentors and collaborators.

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The Division of Clinical Research (DCR) at Massachusetts General Hospital helps to connect investigators and study staff members to a variety of courses, services and resources that provide assistance with every step of the clinical research process. These include offerings from the DCR itself, as well as associated research institutions and organizations. Mass General resources are listed first; DCR programs are noted in parentheses.




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