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Beginning Data Management Preparations

As you prepare to initiate your study, you will need to identify the database into which the study data will be entered.

Creating case report forms (CRFs) and data dictionaries, developing timelines, writing manuals of operations and establishing a procedure for reviewing data for accuracy are all important steps in preparing for the data management process.

You will also need to set up your database in preparation for data collection. Data collection elements must follow those included in your Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved protocol. All study data must be password-protected and stored on encrypted Partners HealthCare computers.

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The Division of Clinical Research (DCR) at Massachusetts General Hospital helps to connect investigators and study staff members to a variety of courses, services and resources that provide assistance with every step of the clinical research process. These include offerings from the DCR itself, as well as associated research institutions and organizations. Mass General resources are listed first; DCR programs are noted in parentheses.




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