Thursday, March 17, 2011

No need to book an appointment, just "Ask the Doctor"

Partners HealthCare and WHDH-TV Channel 7 have launched the interactive "Ask the Doctor" web series with experts in the areas of obstetrics, pediatrics and emergency and primary care medicine. The team of experienced physicians comprises Laura Riley, MD, of MGH Labor and Delivery; Victoria McEvoy, MD, of MassGeneral Hospital for Children; Jeff Collins, MD, of MGH Primary Care; Lisa Owens, MD, of BWH Primary Care; and Christian Arbelaez, MD, MPH, of BWH Emergency Medicine. During live web chats scheduled each Wednesday from 12:45 to 1:45 pm, the general public has the opportunity to ask the featured physician a question by logging onto

"This is a great way for folks to easily learn about ways to keep themselves and their families healthy and fit," says McEvoy. "The team of Partners physicians are excited to offer their knowledge and services through these web chats."

The March 9 live chat featuring Riley drew 200 individuals who logged onto the site and 40 actively chatting. For a complete schedule of of the next featured physicians, see below.



16                    McEvoy

23                    Owens          

30                    Arbelaez



6                      Collins

13                    McEvoy

20                    Owens

27                    Arbelaez


4                      Riley

11                    Collins

18                    Owens

25                    McEvoy


1                      Arbelaez

8                      Collins

15                    Owens

22                    McEvoy

29                    Riley


6                      Collins

13                    Arbelaez

20                    McEvoy

27                    Owens


3                      Collins

10                    Owens

17                    Arbelaez

24                    McEvoy

31                    Riley


7                      Collins

14                    Owens

21                    Arbelaez

28                    McEvoy


5                      Riley

12                    Collins

19                    Owens

26                    Arbelaez


2                      McEvoy

9                      Collins

16                    Riley

23                    Owens

30                    Arbelaez


7                      Collins

14                    McEvoy

21                    Owens

28                    Riley



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