Friday, December 2, 2016

Knitting for newborns

THE JOY OF GIVING: Tiny daisies, Tonka trucks and assorted other buttons adorn an array of handmade, knitted sweaters donated to newborn babies at the MGH by Ruth Buchanan, who has received her care at the hospital for many years. During the past five years when Buchanan comes to see her primary care physician, she also visits her case manager Wendy Atamian, RN, and brings her 5 to 10 newly knitted sweaters and hats, of all different colors and designs. Baby Amalia, pictured here, dons one such creation – just one of the more than 100 knitted goods Buchanan has generously donated so far. They are given to Joan Lovett, RN, and Monica Beato-Hanson, of MGH case management, who tuck the cozy outfits away for preemies, families in need, teen moms and babies from other countries. “We are very careful about who these lovingly made knits go to,” Lovett says. As for her part, Buchanan says she wants to give back to the hospital that has done so much for her.

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