To conduct innovative research aimed at improving the care of patients with acute, chronic and cancer-related pain.

Our Mission

The Mass General Center for Translational Pain Research is working to bridge the gap between basic science pain research and clinical pain management.

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Pain is a common problem that economically and socially impacts the individual and in turn, society. Chronic pain patients suffer from multiple, related problems that diminish their quality of life and their ability to fully participate in society. Advances in understanding the mechanisms of pain and the development of more effective treatments are essential to both the individual and to society.

The Center for Translational Pain Research (CTPR) at Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting research to gain a better understanding of pain mechanisms, human biological systems involved in pain, how humans experience pain and the development of better treatments and interventions.

Contact Us

Mass General Center for Translational Pain Research

101 Merrimac St., Suite 610BostonMA 02114
  •  Near Public Transit
  •  Handicapped Accessible
  • Phone:  617-724-6102

Our Goals

  • To advance a mechanism- and system-based clinical pain research program
  • To conduct clinical trials new medications or devices in all phases
  • To integrate basic and clinical pain research and promote academic collaborations
  • To promote the transfer of knowledge for the development of novel technologies

Our Research

The CTPR consists of both a clinical research facility and a preclinical research laboratory, and is one of the few pain research centers nationwide that integrates clinical and preclinical pain research.

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