Friday, September 19, 2008

A mutually interesting visit to the MGH Tissue Engineering Labs

Members of the alternative rock band The Dandy Warhols – vocalist Courtney Taylor-Taylor and drummer Brent DeBoer – took time out before their Sept. 16 show to visit the MGH Tissue Engineering Laboratory, where Surgery Research Fellows David Hoganson, MD, and Howard Pryor, MD, and the staff are developing vascular devices to replace liver and lung tissue. Fans of the band's song, "I Am a Scientist," the MGH researchers often listen to the band's music and e-mailed the group offering a tour of their lab while the musicians are in town.

dandy warhols visit"Obviously what this group is doing is incredibly interesting," says Taylor-Taylor. "We thought it would be cool to see how things are done – tissue engineering liver, lung and placenta. This is phenomenal, life-changing work done here."

JUST DANDY: From left, Pryor, DeBoer, Taylor-Taylor and Hoganson

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