Friday, May 15, 2009

Revere Community Health Day celebrates collaboration

A community effort: From left, MacIntyre; Brit Nicholson, MD, MGH chief medical officer; Minaker; Miller; Pasinski; Sally Iles, associate vice president for Medicine and Primary Care Services; Jacobson; and Anne Richmond, MPH, director of MGH Community Health Associates.

Members of the MGH Revere HealthCare Center and special guests gathered together April 28 to celebrate the center’s ninth annual Community Health Day.

Roger Pasinski, MD, MGH Revere medical director, welcomed attendees and discussed the goals of the day – to thank center staff and collaborators, promote networking and provide the community the opportunity to learn about the latest in health care from MGH experts. Kenneth Minaker, MD, chief of MGH Geriatrics and a nationally renowned expert on aging, provided the keynote address.

The event began with a case presentation by Bernice MacIntyre, MGH Revere Marketing/Operations liaison. As the health coordinator for the center’s Senior Wellness Program, she shared a story about a senior who had a variety of health problems and who also struggled with financial issues and social isolation. Referred to the Senior Wellness Program, the patient formulated a personal health plan with center staff, set goals and gradually achieved them.

MacIntyre was pleased to report that the patient is now “younger” than when he started the program. The Senior Wellness Program will soon expand to three other MGH community health centers.

Minaker opened his presentation, “New Advances in Understanding Aging,” by complimenting the program as “a mix of inside and outside care.” He related MacIntyre’s story to one of his own patients, who was able to live independently through a series of safety systems set up by the patient’s daughter.

In the main portion of his lecture, Minaker identified a number of popular myths about aging and presented research to dispel each. He also listed 10 ways to live a healthy lifestyle and lessen the effects of aging.

The event closed with the announcement that Kathleen Miller, RN, MA, director of the MGH Community Health Associates Wellness Center at Revere, is this year’s recipient of the MGH Revere Community Health Award. The award, presented by Debra Jacobson, administrative director of MGH Revere, honors an individual whose efforts have made positive changes in the Revere community.

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