Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a Wrap

ABC News documentary team concludes filming at MGH

A JOB WELL DONE: ABC News team members, attired in hospital scrubs, celebrate the conclusion of their four-month project.

After four months and more than 2,000 hours of footage, the 18-member ABC News team that has been capturing stories featuring MGH caregivers, patients and their loved ones for a hospital-based documentary series will be wrapping up their filming at the hospital May 31. The crew -- which includes ABC Executive Producer Terry Wrong, several camerapersons, office staff, interns and producers -- will be packing up and leaving their field headquarters based on Warren 8. Several ABC staff members may return periodically to wrap up a few stories, and ABC's behind-the-scenes work editing and producing the documentary has only just begun.

Set to air in the summer of 2010, the program will be much like the 2008 ABC series that featured Johns Hopkins Hospital. Shadowing selected physicians, nurses and residents, the ABC team captured many engaging, emotional and exclusive stories both inside and outside the hospital using small handheld cameras for discreet "fly-on-the-wall" filming.

"Our months at Mass General have been among the most rewarding of our careers," says Wrong. "We have seen stories of great poignancy unfold and followed caregivers who were both dedicated and selfless to a degree one rarely finds in other professions and settings."

Wrong was particularly struck by a story involving a male patient who -- although he had suffered what could be considered only a minor domestic accident -- was on the verge of death due to severe internal bleeding. By the time the patient arrived at MGH's Emergency Department, he had only a small chance of survival.

"But in the hands of MGH's miraculous trauma team, after 50 units of blood, several surgeries and a month of convalescence, this patient can now plan on resuming his life and will walk out of the hospital on his own steam a few days from now," Wrong says. “"I think I speak on behalf of my team in saying that it has been a great privilege and honor to observe so many fine caregivers performing at the peak of their profession here at MGH."

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