Friday, July 17, 2009

New logo results from creative collaboration


The new MGH Innovations Support Center, established to help MGH inventors advance their ideas from innovation to commercialization, recently called on the creative young minds of ProTech interns to help design the center's logo. ProTech, an initiative of the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI), is a program that enables students from East Boston High School and Health Careers Academy to explore career opportunities in health care and science through paid internships at the MGH.

Over the course of four meetings, Harry DeMonaco, MS, director of the center, and other Innovations Support Center staff, along with Dan Correia,of CCHI, Robert Kacmarek, PhD, of MGH Respiratory Care Services, and Aaron Panone, of Tangible Design, an engineering company that works with the center, guided the students through the innovation process. Nineteen students signed on for the four-session program, with 11 studentsparticipating in the logo design portion.

During the final session, participants split into three teams to come up with designs that would best represent the center and its mission, such as a fish swimming against the current. The final decision, DeMonaco says, was a difficult one. A group of advisors to the center, who served as judges for the logo competition, were thoroughly impressed with each design.

The winning idea, announced June 24, was an image of a paper airplane created by students Tonia Pagliuca, Natasha Pena and Henry Solorzano. Mark Meyer, MD, MPH, MS, PhD, of the MGH Laboratory of Computer Science, took the paper airplane concept and incorporated it into a final design featuring the center's full name and the MGH logo. The winners received a small cash prize, and all participants received specially designed T-shirts featuring the logo.

To learn more about the center, contact Christiana Iyasere, MD, at; Arun Shanbhag, MBA, PhD, at; DeMonaco at; or the center at 




IMAGINATION AT WORK: Front row, from left, Getzabel Guevara, Jeny Perez, Fatima Guevara, Marta Guerrero, Pena and Erik Henriquez. Back row, from left, DeMonaco, Shanbhag, Solorzano, Stephanie Leon and Damian Campanella