Monday, May 17, 2010

Proto on ReachMD

Proto, a quarterly national magazine that the MGH produces with Time Inc. Content Solutions, is now expanding onto satellite radio. On May 17, the program "Proto: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Medicine" launched on ReachMD XM Satellite Radio Channel 160, The Channel for Medical Professionals. ReachMD is the first and only 24/7 channel for medical professionals by medical professionals with more than 280,000 weekly XM listeners.

The first four shows cover topics featured in recent issues of Proto:

  • Steven Pearson, MD, on evidence-based medicine
  • David Fisher, MD, PhD, on targeted cancer therapy
  • Isaac Schiff, MD, on hormone therapy
  • Frances Toneguzzo, PhD, and David Borsook, PhD, on drug repurposing 

On XM:

This week's show is about evidence-based medicine and airs on:

Monday, 7/12: 8 am/pm, 3:20 am/pm

Tuesday, 7/13: 6 am/pm, 1:20 am/pm

Wednesday, 7/14: 11:20 am/pm, 4 am/pm

Thursday, 7/15: 9:20 am/pm, 2 am/pm

Friday, 7/16: 7:20 am/pm, 12 am/pm

On the web:

Go to to download the program -- or listen to the live ReachMD XM stream -- for free. Registration is required but takes only a few minutes. To learn more about Proto or view the latest issue, visit

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