Friday, May 28, 2010

Champions of success

CLEAN COLLABORATION: Hand hygiene champions and STOP Task Force members at the May 12 event

EVERYONE AT THE MGH is a part of the effort toward hand hygiene excellence, but some MGHers go above and beyond to promote hand hygiene hospitalwide. A May 12 celebration recognized these individuals, known as hand hygiene champions, for their role in achieving 90 percent hand hygiene compliance both before and after contact with a patient or patient environment throughout 2009 at the MGH. The event, hosted by the Stop the Transmission of Pathogens (STOP) Task Force and the Infection Control Unit, featured an overview of the MGH's hand hygiene program and a presentation of awards to the champions of nearly 60 surveyed units, work areas and role groups who contributed to the success. Hospital leaders and "behind-the-scenes" guests also were recognized for their support of the program, which has achieved national and international attention.

"The event was a lot fun," said Megan Knecht, RN, a hand hygiene champion for Bigelow 11. "I am very impressed by how well we've done over time!"

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