Friday, May 28, 2010


@ galtime: @massgeneralnews @mghfc great, important health news

@ HappyChickens: @MGHfC Mass General for Children ROCKS! I am lucky they are right down the street.

@ CarissO: Dr. Peter Masiakos from @MassGeneral is incredible. Since he operated on my girl at 6 days old, he's there for every call or email I make.

@ Christinekw: @MassGeneralNews-wonderful staff today @ Wang loop helping patients to get in/out of cars & into wheelchairs-are gentle & do not rush the pt

@ BobWoodruff: @BobWoodruff presented $100,000 ck to @MassGeneralNews & Red Sox Foundation Home Base Prgm to help our service members last nite!

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