Friday, July 23, 2010

MGH hosts local hawk family


Mother hawk feeds chicks on May 21.

Chicks in nest on May 21

Fledgling on July 19


THE REPUTATION of the MGH as the place to have children has spread to the animal kingdom, as a young family of red-tailed hawks is being raised at the heart of the main campus. Hatched this past May in a nest on a fire escape at 25 North Anderson St., the three chicks are being cared for by the father hawk, who often can be seen on the trees and buildings surrounding the Bulfinch Lawn. According to several employees from MGH Buildings and Grounds, the mother hawk was killed June 10 when she was struck by a commercial truck while chasing a pigeon.

Bird enthusiasts, including patients, employees, visitors and local ornithologists, have enjoyed watching the father care for his three offspring, who are now flying on their own and learning how to hunt. To view more photos and commentary about the hawks, access a blog created by Arun Shanbhag, PhD, MBA, of MGH Orthopædics, at red-tailed-hawk.

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