Friday, September 24, 2010

MGH celebrates Women in Leadership

LIFE COACHING: Robbins addresses MGH Women in Leadership

Many women today juggle building their careers, caring for their families and fostering personal and professional relationships at the same time. The assistance of someone with training and expertise in relationship, career and business advice can help these women manage it all. On Sept. 13, the MGH Women in Leadership Committee hosted the 3rd annual Women in Leadership event at the Holiday Inn Select. The seminar provided women managers and supervisors the opportunity to hear from and interact with life and career coach Mel Robbins, who instructed the guests how to "get what they want."

"This was a great event with a no-nonsense life and career coach who really delved into some common reasons why some people don't go for what they really want in life," said Angela Marquez, administrative director of the Division of Transplant Surgery, who was among the 150 attendees. "I think I speak for many of the attendees by saying that we left the event truly inspired to attain what we've set out for ourselves both in our careers and personal lives."

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