Friday, October 1, 2010

AMMP Scholarship Award Ceremony

AMMP SCHOLARSHIP AWARDEES: This year's scholarship recipients were honored at a Sept. 16 reception in the East Garden Room

The mission of the Association of Multicultural Members of Partners (AMMP) is to help recruit, retain and develop multicultural professionals into leaders across the MGH and Partners HealthCare. To help meet this goal, the group offers an annual scholarship to employees who have demonstrated that they are striving to implement the AMMP mission.

On Sept. 16, the MGH acknowledged and celebrated 17 scholarship recipients at the AMMP Scholarship Award Ceremony held in the East Garden Room. Opening the event and congratulating all of the winners was Akin Demehin, chair of AMMP and administrative director of the MGH/MGPO Center for Quality and Safety. Offering remarks were Jeff Davis, senior vice president of MGH Human Resources; Carmen Vega-Barachowitz, MS, CCC-SLP, AMMP scholarship chair and director of Speech, Language, Swallowing and Reading Disabilities; and Harold Roy, a member of MGH Police and Security and a past AMMP Scholarship Award recipient.

"At a time when all health care institutions across the commonwealth and the country are tightening belts, we can all be proud that the MGH has made AMMP and other programs that enhance the work-lives of multicultural professionals a true priority," said Demehin. "We are grateful to have resources to support a scholarship program and other professional and personal development programs offered throughout the year. I am again humbled and impressed by how our winners have balanced the demands of their jobs and their personal lives. Their individual achievements are remarkable."

This year's AMMP Scholarship Award winners are: Toddye Anderson, of White 9; Latrice Browder, of the Office of General Counsel; Ingrid Cruz, of the Registration and Referral Center; Sofia Durrani, of the MGH Weight Center; Rose Mery Estinvil, RN, of White 10; Delita Fenton-Gibbons, of the Partners TeleStroke Program; Helena Kryuchkin, of Speech, Language, Swallowing and Reading Disabilities; Carine Luxama, RN, of White 12; Jose Monteiro, of Materials Management; Natacha Nortelus, RN, of White 10; Melinda Reid-Veress, of Nutrition and Food Services; Barbara Rosemberg, of MGH Psychiatry; Waveney Small Cole, of Nursing Administration; Aileen Shen, of Pediatric Research; Selena Smith, of the Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation; Rosalee Tayag, of Orthopaedics; and Stacy Turnbull, of Ellison 19.

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