Friday, October 15, 2010

Portrait presentation commemorates Fuller Albright, MD

Picture perfect: Guests at the Sept. 22 portrait presentation

The late Fuller Albright, MD, founder of the MGH Endocrine Unit, is a legendary figure in his field at the MGH and around the world. In recognition of his legacy, on Sept. 22 the Albright family donated a portrait of the renowned physician to the MGH during a ceremony in the Trustees Room.

John Potts Jr., MD, director of Research and physician-in-chief emeritus, welcomed attendees -- including current MGH staff members; several of Albright's former colleagues; more than a dozen members of multiple generations of the Albright family; and Patricia Austen, chair of the Ladies Visiting Committee's Archives and History Project, and her husband W. Gerald Austen, MD, chair of the MGH Chiefs' Council.

"I am so impressed with what this man represents, what he accomplished, and how his memory lives on at the MGH in a very vibrant way," said Potts in his remarks.

Offering additional remarks were Steven Krane, MD, former chief of the Arthritis Unit and currently a physician in the Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology Division/Rheumatology Unit; and Daniel Federman, MD, former dean for Education at Harvard Medical School, both of whom knew Albright personally early in their careers. Henry Kronenberg, MD, current chief of the Endocrine Unit, and Read Albright, Albright's son, also spoke. Read shared several of his fondest memories of his father and described his father's dedication to his work.

At the close of the ceremony, Albright's 7-year-old great grandson, also named Fuller, shared his thoughts and unveiled the portrait with the help of his father Robert Albright. The portrait, painted by Fritz Talbot, MD, the first chief of the MGH Children's Medical Service from 1910 to 1931, will be displayed in the Potts Conference Room, located on Bigelow 8.

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