Friday, December 3, 2010

Required safety training available on the web through HealthStream

Employees now are able to complete required hospitalwide training online through the HealthStream Learning Center, a web-based learning management system offered by the Training and Workforce Development Office of Human Resources. 

HealthStream has been used by both Patient Care Services (PCS) and MGH Imaging for nearly two years, and Human Resources now is introducing the program to all employees. The first two courses --in general safety and infection control -- will be made available to all MGH employees by the end of the calendar year. Privacy and security will be the next topic. 

"The training office has been working closely with the Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical and Professional Development, which is part of PCS.  We're excited about supplementing our classroom-based curriculum with e-learning," says Carlyene Prince-Erickson, director of Employee Education and Leadership Development.

The HealthStream library comes with an expanding curriculum of more than 300 self-paced content modules. In addition, the user-friendly environment allows employees to browse and enroll in online courses, view transcripts of completed courses and test their knowledge.  While PeopleSoft will continue to be the primary tool for documenting classroom-based training and generating reports, HealthStream will serve as the database of record for the hospital's online training.

The system comes with an online tutorial and user guide to help employees get started. Employees also can access a Sharepoint site created by PCS with Frequently Asked Questions.  The training office will work closely with the staff at the Knight Nursing Center to expand the resources available on the site. 

For more information on HealthStream, contact Mike Nazzaro, manager of Employee Education Programs, at or 617-726-0975.


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