Friday, January 14, 2011

Materials Management at the Lunder Building

HUB OF ACTIVITY: The Lunder Building will house a new central loading dock

OCCUPANCY OF THE Lunder Building is scheduled to begin this summer. The MGH’s newest building will house the latest in technology for inpatient care, emergency medicine, surgery, radiation oncology, imaging and neurosciences. In addition to its environmentally friendly construction and interior design, the building will house a new centralized loading dock to serve as a hub of activity for MGH Materials Management.

Located at the first below-ground level of the Lunder Building, which will be known as Floor LL0, the loading dock will be the receiving site for all incoming packages to the MGH campus. Currently the MGH receives deliveries at the Blossom Street loading dock, which is located at the perimeter of the campus and only has one lane for trucks entering and exiting. The Lunder Building loading dock will have two lanes to allow incoming and outgoing delivery trucks to safely navigate the dock, and electronic signage will indicate to delivery drivers which of the five expansive loading bays are open for receiving.

“Materials Management receives approximately 36,000 packages a month,” says Ed Raeke, director of MGH Materials Management. “To help coordinate the number of delivery trucks at the Lunder Building loading dock, a traffic coordinator will staff a kiosk, similar to those in a parking garage. This coordinator will manage the two-way traffic and ensure the safety and efficiency of all deliveries.”

Adds Gary Mulrey, manager of Receiving, “Both the external traffic flow and internal material movements will be greatly improved with the new arrangement. We are looking forward to moving into the Lunder Building this summer and benefitting from its improved logistics.”

Other Materials Management enhancements include a cold storage area at the loading dock; a power washing station for the cleaning of wheelchairs and stretchers; a new patient-floor supply and stock room system; a Materials Management employee training room, break area and locker room; and a linen chute system on patient and operating room floors. In addition, Materials Management Patient Transport staff will be able to use the Bander Bridge from the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care to the Lunder Building to transport patients.

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