Friday, January 28, 2011

"Dark Tide" author visits MGH book club

DARK TIDE: Puleo, left, talks with book club members including Jane Connelly, near right, supervisor for Bed Management

On hot summer days North End residents say they can still smell the molasses that flooded the neighborhood Jan. 15, 1919, tragically killing 21 people and wounding 150. On Jan. 24, award-winning author and local historian Stephen Puleo visited the MGH to discuss the disaster and his book, "Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919," with members of the MGH Admitting Department book club.

Created in 2005 by Nancy Connery, director of Admitting, the book club meets every couple of months. Approximately 12 to 15 staff members gather for each meeting, and on occasion, local authors join in the discussion.

"I began the book club out of my love for reading and have found it to be a wonderful way for department members to connect and bring their varied backgrounds and perspectives together," says Connery.

During the lively talk, Puleo answered questions and described the process of writing about the Boston Molasses Disaster, as well as the process of writing historical nonfiction in general. "What I try to do is let the story pull the history through," he explained.  

"Having the opportunity to meet Stephen Puleo was a fantastic way to wrap up our discussions about 'Dark Tide,'" says Melissa Kuras, a training specialist in Admitting. "I've enjoyed being a member of the club for the last two years. Many participants represent different areas within Admitting, and the club has given everyone a pleasant reason to come together and share a common enthusiasm for reading."

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