Friday, February 4, 2011

Bicentennial corner 02.04.11

SURPRISINGLY, THIS PHOTO was not taken this past week. It is actually the Bulfinch Building after the Blizzard of ’78. This weekend marks the 33rd anniversary of the two-day storm that brought 27 inches of snow on the region, along with 70-mph winds and power outages to the city – including the MGH. But just as they have been throughout this stormy winter, MGHers of 1978 prevailed. Employees walked and skied through miles of waist-deep snow to ensure the highest quality of patient care, many staying at the hospital to work through multiple shifts. John E. Lawrence, Esq., then chairman of the Board of Trustees, issued a statement that rings as true today as it did then: “Never has our tradition of providing excellent care been tested by the vagaries of nature any more than during the past week. Typically, our employees rose to the occasion.”

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