Friday, April 1, 2011

Steps to Success

FIRST STEPS: Sewell shares her success story at the workshop.

"Where do I start?" This and other questions were addressed at "Taking the First Step, Strategies to get on a Successful Career Path," hosted by the MGH Training and Workforce Development Office on March 17. The workshop is the first of the annual "Steps to Success" career development series established to help employees make informed career decisions.

Evette Sewell, a coordinator in the Emergency Department (ED), shared how she took the first step by successfully completing the Partners Career and Workforce Development (PCWD) pre-employment program, interning in the ED and ultimately being hired. "You must leave your comfort zone to acquire what will be a better life," she told her MGH colleagues. 

"We know higher education is the key to career advancement in health care, but sometimes that first step can seem like an enormous leap," says Carlyene Prince-Erickson, director of Employee Education and Leadership Development. 

Beyond the financial challenges higher education presents, working adults often face the difficulties of managing the priorities of family and/or multiple jobs. For Sewell, that challenge came in the form of a house fire just one day before
she was scheduled to start PCWD. "I had a choice: abandon my dream or persevere," she says. Sewell chose to persevere and has her sights on earning a master's degree and pursuing a career in radiology. 

The programs and services available to MGH employees -- such as tuition assistance, academic coaching, online resources and the Employee Assistance Program -- are designed to help staff navigate those challenges. "It's the collaborative efforts of many, including Partners Career and Workforce Development and Jewish Vocational Services, that make these resources available to our workforce," Prince-Erickson says.

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