Friday, April 29, 2011

Every day is Earth Day at the MGH


EARTH DAY: Andrews, left, and Banchiere with plastic to be recycled by the MGH

While the mgh Raising Environmental Awareness League (REAL) marked Earth Day April 22 by hosting an information table to teach ways to become "green," many at the hospital already are dedicated to respecting the planet each day. Last year, the MGH recycled more than 390 tons of corrugated cardboard, 655 tons of paper, 4.5 tons of newspapers and magazines, and nearly 50 tons of plastic, glass and aluminum cans.

"It takes 17 trees to manufacture one ton of
paper and approximately
80 cubic feet of landfill space to dispose of this paper," says Bill Banchiere, director of Environmental Services. "Last year, the MGH was solely responsible for the preservation of 17,631 trees and the saving of 82,968 cubic feet of landfill space because employees have committed to recycling. I encourage each person to do his or her part and recycle at work and home."

For more information about ways to conserve energy, recycle and respect the environment, contact Edwin Andrews, chair of REAL and administrative director of the MGH Clinical Research Center, at REALenvironmental@
or visit or

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