Friday, May 27, 2011

Joint Commission lab survey to occur by Aug. 28

The window of opportunity for Joint Commission laboratory surveyors to visit the MGH opened Feb. 28, and surveyors are expected to assess the hospital's laboratory-related activities and areas any time before Aug. 28. MGH employees both on campus and at satellites have made extensive preparations to ensure "Excellence Every Day" and Joint Commission laboratory compliance.

The following are just some ways MGH staffers are prepared for the Joint Commission lab survey:

Pamela McBurnie, RN, MGH Charlestown HealthCare Center. "When I'm preparing to conduct a point-of-care test, I remember to label all point-of-care devices with two patient identifiers in the presence of the patient, even if the test is performed in the exam room with the patient."

Tracey Sarro, RN
Emergency Department (ED). "In the ED, we verify that specimens and requisitions have two patient identifiers before they are sent to the Blood Bank."

Carol Camooso-Markus, RN, Patient Care Services.
"We have been discussing critical results, point-of-care tests and specimen collection with staff during unit-based tracers. Soon an updated version of the Regulatory Readiness Resource Guide will be distributed to all Patient Care Services staff. The guide includes a section that addresses the upcoming lab survey."

For more information about the survey, contact Donna MacMillan, director of Operations for the MGH Pathology Service, at or 617-726-8887 or Cynthia Mansfield, associate director of Compliance and Operations for Clinical Pathology, at or 617-726-8172.



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