Friday, July 29, 2011

MGHers share the ways they POPP


Laura Angelo, a project manager in the Professional Billing Office in the Charlestown Navy Yard, knows that even employees who do not work in patient care areas need to understand policies and procedures for safeguarding protected health information and personal information.

“In the Professional Billing Office, we’re always talking about protecting patient information,” Angelo says. “Even though we don’t interact with patients everyday, we do come in contact with some very sensitive information, so it’s important for all of us to be very, very aware.”

Angelo is one of 250 employees who participated in “How Do You POPP?” a contest hosted by the MGH Privacy Office through the Protect Our Patients’ Privacy (POPP) campaign, which aims to raise awareness about patient privacy being a top priority at the MGH. The monthlong contest asked employees to submit the ways they POPP to win a variety of themed prizes.

Angelo’s entry in the contest detailed her and her colleagues’ efforts to consistently protect patient privacy. They include encrypting laptops and mobile devices and using “Send Secure” to protect sensitive information being sent by email outside the Partners network.

Thanks to her “How Do You POPP?” entry, Angelo and her 12-year-old daughter will watch the Red Sox play the Tampa Bay Rays on Aug. 17 at Fenway Park.

Virginia Jones, RN, a staff nurse in Imaging, is another example of MGHers who POPP. Jones doesn’t have a private work area, so she takes extra steps to POPP.

“If I have paperwork in my work area that is not for the patient I am working with, I turn it face down until the time that I am working with that patient,” Jones wrote in her submission. F

or her entry, she won three priority seating passes to the Boston Pops’ Fourth of July Spectacular on the Esplanade.

“The items I wrote down are just typical things that my co-workers and I do on a daily basis,” Jones says. “So I just jotted them down. I figured, why not? The seats I won were terrific, and the event was wonderful and relaxing.”

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