Friday, August 5, 2011

Materials Management moves into Lunder Building

SETTING UP SHOP: David Pires of Receiving checks hand-held devices prior to sending staff out on their first deliveries.

LEAVING BEHIND its former home in the Gray and Bigelow basement, MGH Materials Management has successfully moved into the Lunder Building as of July 23.

Located on Lower Level 0, the new Materials Management space includes features such as a central loading dock – the receiving site for all incoming packages to the MGH campus – as well as an innovative supply and stock room system for patient floors. In addition, transporters within the department can now use the Bander Bridge to move patients between the Lunder Building and the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care. “We’re very excited about our new home,” says Ed Raeke, director of Materials Management.

“While this is in some ways just the beginning – we have new staff to train, new processes to learn and new locations to support – I’m grateful the same strong leadership team that got us into Lunder will be here to move our department forward into this new chapter.” For more information about the Lunder Building and the ongoing move-in process, access

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