Friday, August 26, 2011

Annual celebration of Iftar at MGH

SUNSET RITE: Dates are passed during the breaking
of the fast

AT SUNSET ON AUG. 16, more than 200 people gathered in the Thier Conference Room for the 11th annual MGH celebration of Iftar, the Muslim breaking of the fast. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink between sunup and sundown. Many attending the MGH celebration brought family and friends to join in what has become an MGH tradition.

“MGH’s Muslim staff members take pride in showcasing their employment place,” says MGH pharmacist Firdosh Pathan, who has organized the annual event since it began. “They love to show how wonderful it is to work in a place where they are accepted by celebrating their religious events.”

Jeff Davis, senior vice president of Human Resources and Deborah Washington, RN, PhD(c), director of Diversity for Patient Care Services, offered welcoming remarks.  After prayer, trays of dates – the food traditionally eaten to break the Ramadan fast – were passed, followed by a dinner of traditional Mediterranean cuisine prepared by MGH Nutrition and Food Services.


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