Friday, September 23, 2011

MGHer and daughter win big on “Minute to Win It”

MINUTE MAGIC: Coleman playing the
"Pop Top" challenge.


AN ASSISTANT BILLING MANAGER at the MGH, Donna Coleman is highly organized, detail-oriented and great with numbers. She’s also an expert bottle-cap flipper – one of several unusual skills that helped her and her daughter, Talana Deshaies, win $125,000 on the NBC game show “Minute to Win It.”

In the show, contestants participate in a series of 60-second games that use objects commonly found at home to win up to $1 million. The episode featuring the mother-daughter duo aired Sept. 7. The two won seven challenges ranging from flipping a bottle cap into a cup to bouncing pingpong balls into an egg crate.

Coleman, who has worked at the MGH for 26 years, plans to use her half of the winnings to purchase season tickets to the New England Patriots and to support retina research – her son, Joel, lost much of his eyesight at 4 months of age due to an aneurysm. During the episode taping, when Coleman and Deshaies had lost two games and were feeling discouraged, Joel called in to the show, giving them the encouragement they needed to win.

“Joel inspired us to keep going, and we did!" says Coleman. “It was an amazing experience overall."

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