Friday, September 30, 2011

Saying ‘I Do’ in the Lunder

LOVE IN LUNDER: From left, newlyweds
Dasilveira and Andrade celebrate with Lunder
7 nurses Suzanne Algeri, RN, nursing director,
Jackie Rossi, PCA, and Teresa Connolly, RN.

"NOBODY PLANS to get married in a hospital,” says 27-year-old Arnoldo Andrade, squeezing the hand of his new bride, Josiane Dasilveira, who underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in mid-August. “But I didn’t want to postpone it and neither did she. So the MGH said we could get married here.”

The Sept. 17 ceremony took place in the bright and welcoming Herscot Atrium of the new Lunder Building, just one floor below the Neurosciences Acute Care Unit on Lunder 7, where Dasilveira is recovering.  Although it was a markedly different day than the Somerville residents envisioned when originally planning their nuptials, there were flowers, a cake and festive red bridesmaid dresses.  And, the ceremony featured what for the couple was the most important detail – the church’s blessing. “It was beautiful,” Andrade says. “The blessing really stood out to us.”

MGH staff joined forces to ensure the wedding was a success. Janice Amihan, RN, of Lunder 7, created the decorations for the ceremony. The MGH Flower Shop provided flowers, Nutrition and Food Services supplied food for the reception and an MGH photographer was on-hand to document the event.

Honeymoon plans have been put on hold for now as the months ahead will focus on physical and occupational therapy. “She’ll go through rehab first, but then we’ll think about it,” Andrade says. One thing that is certain is they’ll have a second wedding ceremony, the one that Dasilveira has long dreamed about.

“I was 16 and she was 16, and we were both just in high school when we met. It wasn’t love,” Andrade says of their 12-year relationship, which began in Minas Gerais, Brazil. “We didn’t even know what love was back then.”

Sitting under a handcrafted “Just Married!” sign taped to the bedside window, Dasilveira and Andrade hold hands and look at each other – they now know just what love is.

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