Friday, September 30, 2011

The power of determination

Kayitesi, Tirza, Mahamound, Abayaah and Brutus

FOR MORE THAN A DECADE the MGH has supported the Association of Multicultural Members of Partners’ (AMMP) initiative to assist employees of minority backgrounds in their efforts to pursue college degrees or other educational programs. On Sept. 8, the 2011 AMMP Scholarship recipients were honored during a ceremony in the East Garden Room. This year’s recipients are Evelyn Abayaah, Christa Brutus, Nghi Huynh, Chantal Kayitesi, LPN, MPH, Christine Marmen, Farhiya Mohamoud, Claudio Rodriguez, Tirza Martinez and Fabella Narcisse.

“In an economic environment where many organizations are tightening their purse strings – often removing funding for ancillary programs – we can all be proud that MGH has made a commitment to AMMP and other programs that support and enhance the work-lives of multicultural professionals across our institution,” says Kirk Jones, chair of the AMMP committee and MGH Information Security officer.

In her address, Melinda Reid-Veress, two-time AMMP Scholarship recipient and manager of Nutrition and Food Services Training, told attendees, “Keep a photo frame from MGH with the inscription ‘The power of determination’ and put a picture of yourself in the frame. When you hit a temporary roadblock in your educational plans, draw inspiration from it.”

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