Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcoming faculty to the MGH

ENHANCING EXPERIENCE: From left, Kingston,
Brown and Bringhurst

A new job can be daunting in any situation, and each career group at the MGH has its own specific challenges and opportunities. To assist the more than 200 faculty members who join the hospital each year, the MGH Center for Faculty Development created a faculty-focused orientation session.

The first MGH New Faculty Orientation was held Oct. 13 in the Thier Conference Room. New faculty members from many departments attended the event, which provided a detailed history of the MGH and the MGPO, as well as information about education opportunities and research resources. Based on the feedback of attendees, Donna Lawton, executive director of the MGH Center for Faculty Development, said they plan to host the orientation annually. “The response we had was immediate – they really gravitated to it,” Lawton said.

Anne Klibanski, MD, director of the Center for Faculty Development, welcomed participants, noting that “although many departments give introductory information for the specific department or specialty, we want to introduce new faculty to the MGH with key information about the institution and its resources.”

Brit Nicholson, MD, senior vice president of the Department of Medicine and chief medical officer at the MGH, kicked off the session with an overview of the MGH’s historical highlights and its core values. “We hope our time here gives you a framework of how you fit in and how everything works together,” he said. David F. Torchiana, MD, chairman and CEO of the MGPO, provided an overview of the MGPO, its history and current scope and mission within the MGH.

Other speakers included Richard F. Bringhurst, MD, senior vice president for Research; Robert Kingston, PhD, chief of the Department of Molecular Biology; Dennis Brown, PhD, director of the program in Membrane Biology; Maureen Connelly, MD, dean of Faculty Affairs at Harvard Medical School; and Debra Weinstein, MD, vice president for Graduate Medical Education at Partners HealthCare. The session also featured information tables where new faculty could learn about programs both in and out of the hospital, including the Employee Assistance Program, banking and financial planning services and child care options.

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