Friday, November 18, 2011

New team addresses workplace conflict


The Strategic Management Assessment and Response Team (SMART) is a new resource for recognizing, reporting, responding to and resolving complicated workplace violence or conflict situations. The multidisciplinary group, led by Police and Security, includes members from Human Resources, Risk Management, Occupational Health, the Employee Assistance Program, the Department of Psychiatry, the Office of Patient Advocacy and Nursing Administration.

“SMART is designed to assist with complex situations that have moved beyond an isolated incident,” says Bonnie Michelman, director of Police, Security and Outside Services. “These situations may include criminal or ethical issues, creation of staff unrest or fear, direct threats to others or previous criminal history – all of which may involve patients, visitors or employees.”

SMART meets quarterly to proactively discuss reports and trends related to disruptive, inappropriate, threatening or violent behavior. The team can then assist managers and supervisors with developing the tools and guidelines necessary to better recognize and resolve conflict incidents at their initial stage. In addition, SMART is able to respond immediately to emergency situations. SMART can be activated during business hours by contacting Police and Security Investigative Manager Jennifer Goba at 617-726-1474 or after hours by contacting the manager on duty at 617-726-2121.

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