Friday, January 13, 2012

POPP campaign is on a roll


FOR THE WIN:Cappetta, right, receives a signed Tom Brady jersey from Elizabeth Brennan, privacy specialist, of the MGH Privacy and Security Office.


Hundreds of MGH staff participated in last fall’s Protect Our Patients’ Privacy (POPP) quiz contest, which featured a weekly privacy question in the Daily Broadcast email for a six-week period. Questions covered a range of topics, including the proper response to found paperwork or stolen smart phones, new Information Security policies and Send Secure, MGH’s email encryption program. At the end of the contest, the MGH Privacy and Security Office awarded a signed Tom Brady Patriots jersey to Kate Cappetta, research technician in Transplant Surgery, whose name was randomly selected from those who correctly answered all six questions.

Throughout the month of January, the MGH Privacy and Security Office is hosting another fun educational effort: a “POPP into the New Year” rolling cart. MGHers who share their resolution on how they will protect patients’ privacy will be automatically entered to win Pop-Tarts, popcorn and other POPP-themed prizes. All participants will be entered into a raffle for a special POPP
gift basket. 

To review the POPP quiz answers from last fall or for more information about POPP, visit the MGH
Privacy and Security intranet site at

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